maanantai 13. helmikuuta 2012


I have been sick lately, which means that I've had lots of weird dreams. I've also had second series of Sherlock on DVD, but haven't gotten around watching. Probably because some people have spoiled it for me by criticizing it. Last night I had a dream where my sister and me watched latest Sherlock. IF you are not familiar with it, it is a BBC television series where Benedict Cumberbatch plays Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman plays Watson. In this story there was a terrorist bomb somewhere in London and Sherlock Holmes was asked to help. Of course, Moriarty was behind the whole plot and he wanted to play cat and mouse with Holmes by running him from one clue to another. He also had messed up the traffic in London so badly that only way to move around fast enough was London Underground. They did that by using Oyster Card and, since Sherlock's knowledge of every street in London would be of no use, route planner mobile app. Pretty nice product placement, I thought. What followed was exciting chase through London Underground switching from one line to another. Basically Holmes and Watson went to a new place to solve clue left by Moriarty. They called man with the name "Samuli Edelmann", which was funny because Samuli Edelmann played Moriarty's henchman. This led a trap going off and Holmes and Watson ending up in a fall that resembled rollercoaster ride. It worked pretty fell, because I still flet the movement even when I closed my eyes. At some point Irene Adler joined them in 19th century dress. Eventually they found Moriarty's headquarters that was full of partying people. They managed to go to a study without being noticed and there was a laptop with message from Moriarty. Unfortunately I accidentaly pressed close button on video window instead of play.

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