maanantai 1. elokuuta 2011

The Best Galactica Episode Ever!

This post have different title because I had this dream already couple of nights ago and can't remember exactly when. Our local science fiction television channel (MTV3 Scifi) show's original Galactica. (This tells you something about the quality of the channel.) They seem to have run out of it because last time I watched it, it was the second episode of Galactica 1980. Before that I saw the episode where they blew up Cylon Basestar. Which lead to following dream. (May contain spoilers for original Galactica)

So, Galactica has found the Earth, but it is modern day Earth (well, 1980) and can't help against Cylons. The investigators on Earth have however found a clue:"Follow the desolation road." I was very proud that I realized before characters that one of the Apollo astronauts (Buzz Aldrin) described moonscape as "magnificent desolation" and the "desolation road" must be the tracks left by moon buggy. ("Desolation Road" is also a title of a book by Ian McDonald, probably a reference to Bob Dylan's song "Desolation Row", which is on "Watchmen" movie soundtrack performed by My Chemical Romance. "Follow the road" itself is from The Wizard of Oz, to complete the list of cultural references.)

Next we see the moon and then Earth behind it and I was thinking that the special effects are pretty impressive for a tv show from 1980. Meanwhile, Cylons attach Galactica with round disks that attach to side of Galactica and drill a hole on it. From the holes come Cylons that have no legs. Probably because the disks are so small that they don't fit full sized Cylons. It turns out that on the moon lives technically vastly advanced alien colony that promises to help Galactica and they send heros of the show (I don't think they are Starbuck and Apollo from original series or Troy and Dillon from Galactica 1980) go to Cylon Basestar to disable it (or it's weapons). At this point I realized that I was dreaming and started thinking about how to make my own version. This had some interesting side effects.

First of all, Cylons stopped to be Cylons and their Basestar turned into generic space station. The space station had hangar on level 9 and main control station on level 10, so our people needed to go only one level up on elevator that looked like pretty normal elevator with metall walls. Unfortunately I don't have access to 10-story (or higher) building, which complicates filming a bit. Corridors looked like normal office corridor. So, only problem would be the hangar, but that can be done with CGI. And that was pretty much it.

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  1. I would love to see that "follow the desolation road" in science fiction. The only problem is that I would get annoyed if characters don't immediately realize what it means and I would get even more annoyed if it turns out to be something completely different.