maanantai 18. heinäkuuta 2011

Night between July 17th and 18th

I have started writing about couple of my dreams, but never finished them. I have also started to have dreams that are more like ideas. I'm thinking about an idea without being completely dreaming or awake. Last night it was about late night talk show with a black guy that would have "strong language and full frontal male nudity", as the term goes. The idea is to push the envelope by taking controversial subjects and unconventional approaches. Showing that entertainment can be educational. ("We don't call this edutainment, because that sounds like a cheesy kid's show.") Some pieces were rant about "Seven Dirty Words" (Tits? That's baby talk! That's kid's talk! Should wee-wee and bo-bo be cencored, too?) and bunch of hunky guys singing wearing (only) towels (Probably from "Naked Boys Singing") and throwing those towels away at the end of their number.

I also saw a silent movie clip about some Latin term that had Greek soldiers (at least one had Spartan helmet with huge plume). Then I tried to look up the Latin words from a dictionary, but kept picking up encyclopedia, which was a problem because it had multiple volumes and entries were organized under categories and not just alphabetically. I would try to find the word, not find it, then realize that I was looking under a wrong category, realize that I must be dreaming because I don't own an encyclopedia, wake up and then repeat it again.

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